Our Mission

CanTastic was founded on the premise that a simple tool can affect many aspects of your life and surroundings.  We are under no illusions, CanTastic is simply stainless steel with a molded handle, but the impact CanTastic can have on your daily life and our environment is incredibly important.  CanTastic will save you time, food, and relieve extra stress needed to get the same amount of food out the traditional way. 

It All Adds Up

This amount of time, money, and relief may seem minute at first; however, compounded over days, weeks, months, and years, the impact grows.

This is where our mission takes shape: A change, no matter how small, repeated over a certain amount of time can have a tremendous IMPACT.  Increasing CanTastic’s customer base will amplify our collective ability to impact lives and create a real dent in pollution and land fill mass.

Without CanTastic, food WILL still be in the can, despite any efforts with a fork, spoon, spatula, or other device.  To recycle each can properly, the can must be completely clean, so traditional methods fail to do the job.  Many choose to rinse out each can which over many rinses is an incredible amount of wasted water.  CanTastic allows you to completely skip that step, reducing your water usage, and decreasing your bill and environmental impact.

Again, saving cents, ounces of water per can, recycling a can will not do much.  However, in the aggregate, you can have an incredibly large impact. 

Our Story

The story of CanTastic starts simply with a man frustrated with all the cat food he throws away daily.  First, it’s not fiscally smart to throw away food.  Second, he would much rather have his cats (who usually remind him when they are hungry, especially during Zoom calls) get the food, rather than the trash can or the garbage disposal.