Wishcycling and How We Tackle the Issue

Wishcycling and How We Tackle the Issue

CanTastic was made to take the frustration out of feeding your pets. However there is a secondary benefit that CanTastic provides. The issue is rooted in the concept of “wishcycling”, and in this blog I will describe the problem and how CanTastic solves such issues.

Before working for Trysk Solutions and CanTastic, I had never heard of “Wishcycling”. It is the premise that you can throw away a recyclable product and only hope that it won’t end up in a landfill. The issue lies in contamination in the recyclable that requires the process to become more costly, usually due to extra labor. Ironically, the mantra “When in doubt, throw it out” came into the recycling sphere soon after. One way that wishcycling takes a form is food stuck inside recyclable containers; this includes cans.

So not only is the food stuck inside cans wasted money, if you wish to recycle and help the planet out, you may be disturbing the recycling process more than if you would have just thrown the can away! CanTastic is a perfect substitute to just throwing the cans away in the garbage.

Not only do you save money that would otherwise be wasted, you also can do your part in helping our environment! Understandably, you may be thinking “well it’s just one can a day, my role can’t be having that much of an impact.” Respectively, we disagree; we use a common saying when talking about this problem, “the single raindrop never feels responsible for the flood.” Basically, every little thing we all can do can lead to a positive change in our community.

Regardless of the impact, we believe that any act of good helps us and the planet. So whether you use CanTastic to get the extra food out of your canned pet food to make the recycler’s job easier, or you pick up some litter, we appreciate and thank you helping everyone out.

Positivity is what we need, and your contribution is always welcome! Until next time …

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Logan Martinez
COO of CanTastic and Trysk Solutions.
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