Why CanTastic?

Why CanTastic?

In last blog, we talked about what CanTastic can’t do. In this new blog, we will discuss why you should choose CanTastic over other products and utensils.

First, CanTastic is specifically made for pet food cans. Other utensils like forks, spoons, and kitchen spatulas are not made for the dimensions of a regular pet food can. CanTastic was engineered with these types of cans fully in mind.

Because of this fact, CanTastic makes the whole feeding process simpler and safer. For example, you could use a kitchen spatula and it would help get some food out but there still would be food left inside the can and the process would be more time consuming and dangerous.

There are other pet food spatulas on the market, but most aren’t designed to be a 1:1 match for the cans and stand no chance against the sharp edges of a can. The latter fact can actually hurt your furry friend since pieces of plastic and rubber can taint their food. Since CanTastic is made of stainless steel, there is no chance of anything getting into your pet’s food.

CanTastic helps you get all the food you paid for, in half the time while making sure your fingers are out of harms way! We hope you enjoyed this blog and hope you consider getting a CanTastic today! Thanks so much, until next time …

Stephan Martinez
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