What CanTastic Can’t Do

What CanTastic Can’t Do

So far we have described all that you can do with a CanTastic. What we haven’t done yet is explain what CanTastic cannot do! That’s what I am writing about today.

First, CanTastic cannot help you with your taxes. Seems odd since we advertise that CanTastic can save you money … but that’s more in a saving way (if that makes sense). The accounting prowess of CanTastic is admittedly lacking. So do not be fooled, CanTastic has does not help with income tax loopholes.

Next, CanTastic is not good at helping you travel. Actually, we’re not even sure if you can carry a CanTastic onto a plane (if someone could try and let us know how it goes that would be great). Traveling logistics is a huge headache … and CanTastic will not relieve any stress there.

CanTastic is also useless when exercising. It’s not detrimental in any way, it just won’t help. That being said, please do not run while holding a CanTastic … that seems like a lot of paperwork.

Of course there are many things CanTastics can’t do … but that’s sort of the point. CanTastic isn’t a universal remote for life. It is a specialized tool for you to reduce your stress and spend in one certain area of your life. We hope you enjoyed this short read and we hope you have a great rest of your day!

Until next time …

Logan Martinez
COO of CanTastic and Trysk Solutions.
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