Shelters and How We Want to Help

Shelters and How We Want to Help

Animal shelters do such an incredible service day-in and day-out. What they do is invaluable for pets in need. And we wish to help!

Part of our goal in spreading positivity includes making donations of cantastics to shelters who go through many pet food cans on a daily basis. We love helping them save money and be sustainable in their practices; but we now need your help.

We have so far donated to shelters that we have scouted ourselves or where we have a personal connection. We now need you to help us find and scout shelters that we can help.

If you work or know of a shelter that you believe could benefit with a donation of cantastics, please comment below with the shelter name, the address of where we can send the donation, and a good contact at the shelter.

This is a bit of a shorter blog today, but we wanted to show our appreciation for animal shelters and our commitment to helping them work better! Thank you in advance for all the help so we can further make a positive impact on our world.

Logan Martinez
COO of CanTastic and Trysk Solutions.

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