How to Move a Cat

How to Move a Cat

Welcome back to our “how to cat” series! As we have discussed thus far, cats can be extremely complicated to understand, approach, and pet. But now, you are doing something that the cat will probably not like: moving them. Follow our guide so you can easily and correctly move a cat.

There are many reasons a cat has to be moved. Your arm may have fallen asleep, you may be thirsty and need a drink, or maybe you are really late for your dentist’s appointment. Although it may be tempting to call your dentist and cancel, you really want him to check one of your molars because it really has been bothering you. In a surge of courage, you realize that this is your life and you have to move the cat in order to get up.

This surge will probably subside by how cute the cat looks (and also maybe the fear about the repercussions of moving them). But at this point, the cat has noticed you are becoming is restless. “Should I stop and try to make it better?” you think, but your body keeps moving.

At this point you need to just act quickly. If the cat is under your arm, then just slide it right out. If the cat is on your lap, then you must scoop them up quickly and set them down. Either way, you need to act quickly, decisively, and get ready to start moving.

If you do it correctly, you may only get a glare. Worst case, they will try to attack. Either way, you are done with the hardest part. Now, flee!

We hope that helps you get out of uncomfortable situations when you have to get a cat off of you. Please check out more of our “how to cats” guide and we thank you for reading our blog post.

Stephan Martinez
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