Dreaming Pets

Dreaming Pets

It is no secret that animals experience dreams like we do. However I have always wondered about what they dream about and how similar their dreams are to ours. In the blog, I will talk about the answers I have found to my questions.

Many dog owners notice that their dogs seem to have dreams. They whine, kick, and bark all while they are seemingly resting, unconscious. The big question is if they are dreaming. It turns out they are!
Scientific research has uncovered that pets dream just like we do. Their dreams are similar also in the subjects. They dream about their loves, anxieties, fears, and pleasures. That means that your cat can have an amazing dream that they have finally caught that bird that keeps taunting them. Or your dog is chasing that squirrel that has eluded them thus far. They also have nightmares just as we do

Interestingly enough, the visual limitations animals have while they are conscious is also present in their dreams (which makes sense). Overall, their dreaming is nearly the same as ours!

Thanks for reading this week’s blog about pets and how they dream. We hope you enjoyed!

Logan Martinez
COO of CanTastic and Trysk Solutions.
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