CanTastic for Humans?

CanTastic for Humans?

“Can I use CanTastic for my human food that I consume?”

We get this question quite frequently, so we thought we would make an entire blog post about it. The quick answer is “yes”. There are no harmful effects CanTastic can have on anyone or anything. That being said, we are developing a CanTastic for Humans.

What is the purpose? The exact same as CanTastic for Pets, except the utensil will be made for human food rather than pet food. When we developed CanTastic for Pets, we realized the best iteration when considering pet food. However, the properties of human food are very different than pet food.

We have even toyed around with the idea of making different types of CanTastics for different types of food due to differing properties. One can be used for getting tuna out of a can while another will be designed to help get tomatoes out, for example.

Can shape and property also calls for variation. Our products will be based on the effectiveness and properties of the food and can variation.

If you have any suggestion for food and/or can design that CanTastic should be designed for, please leave a comment below so we can try it out! Thanks for reading this Thursday’s blog, until next time …

Logan Martinez
COO of CanTastic and Trysk Solutions.
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