Can Cats and Dogs Get Along?

Can Cats and Dogs Get Along?

“They get along like cats and dogs” is a popular saying to insinuate that two people do not like each other. There have even been movies released portraying a good versus evil battle better our furry feline and canine friends. How accurate are such depictions? And can the animals themselves get over their seemingly natural tendency to be opposed to each other?

Such portrayals seem accurate, as the temperament and actions of both types of pets differ wildly from each other. Dogs are incredibly forgiving creatures and enjoy physical activities such as wrestling, playing fetch, and running around. Alternatively, cats are a bit more temperamental. If you make a cat upset, they may sulk and not return for HOURS. Cats also prefer to keep physical activity to gentle pets and slow movements. On the base level, it is obvious that cats and dogs are different.

Even physically, the size difference is starkly relevant. The average sized cat will be dwarfed next to the average sized dog. Trying to imagine a dog playing rough with a cat is enough to make anyone cringe. That may be why cats HAVE to hold their own. I previously had a Labrador dog and a Siamese cat, and let me tell you that our dog made sure to never cross too close to our cat. If the cat took a nap in the middle of our dog’s bed, our dog would be forced to squeeze in on the outside of the cushion!

All of that said, my cat and dog were very good friends. When my dog eventually passed away, my cat was physically upset. She was always looking for her friend until she passed as well. Take this as a sign that dogs and cats may not seem great friends at first, but they soon become inseparable. Time does wonders, as it has on my former furry babies.

Overall, if you have a dog and want to get a cat or vice versa and are worried about the transition, I would suggest you give it a try with friend’s or family’s dogs or cats. Although some dogs and cats may have an extreme disposition to the other kind, I have found that although the road may be bumpy at first, it is worth it.

Thank you for reading this week’s blog about cats, dogs, and their relationship. We hope you enjoy and please give your cat, dog, or both a hug from us!

Logan Martinez
COO of CanTastic and Trysk Solutions.
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