Advertising is the lifeblood of most products on the market today. When you consider the novelty and young age of a product like CanTastic, advertising can make or break our entire business. This blog goes into detail of how we have/are/will attack the advertising issue that many young businesses tackle.

In this digital age, there are many ways to get your business “out there” by using different types of organic and paid advertisements. One way that we use organic means is here … our blogs. We love writing them and hope you enjoy them as well but it has another great effect: it helps get our website at the top of any Google searches. We also post constantly on our social medias so that our customers and fans can be updated and interactive constantly.

Paid advertisement is a need when starting out. It helps give the business an extra shove into the spotlight. We use two main methods: Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram advertisements. Both allow us to be top of mind of our customers and allows us to be easily accessible with a quick search.

We plan on releasing a television advertisement within the next month and will be partnering with certain influencers so our reach can be ever growing! If you or your business need help starting out, please feel free to reach us at our contact info. Thank you for reading this short (but hopefully informational) blog about how we are advertising! Until next time …

Logan Martinez
COO of CanTastic and Trysk Solutions.

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